My biggest aim is to help you fuel better and understand evidence-based nutrition (no fad diets, no nonsense). I believe that everyone is different and that no one diet suits all. You and I will team up to figure out what best works for you in order to reach your goals.


I have been in your shoes. I know what it takes to endure the pain and still want to finish. I know the dedication it needs to overcome daily life challenges and still want to stick to your plan. Success is not linear but it requires consistency and that’s where I can help you the most.


My approach to nutrition is very realistic and customized to be based on your sport, age, gender, weight, height, lifestyle, job, activities, food preferences, medical conditions, living status, food availability, etc... I will provide you with educational tools on nutrition rather than sell you one standard diet that is impossible to sustain.

This way we guarantee your adherence to the plan which will eventually lead to success!

About us

I’m a Registered Dietitian specialized in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. I graduated from the UK and got certified as a Personal Trainer from ACE. I’m also a recreational athlete which helps me understand nutrition and exercise better and drives me to guide as many people as possible in enhancing their lifestyles. For me, sport is LIFE. It adds so much joy, health and meaning to my days. The sports that I practice the most are running, resistance training (gym), cycling and skiing. I also tried triathlon and rock climbing which I enjoyed a lot. Other hobbies of mine include baking, listening to music or podcasts, and getting outdoor even if only for walks.

Our remote work together won't be a problem. I worked with clients from France, England, UAE, KSA, kuwait, Greece, Norway, Malta, Canada, USA, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, etc... Some were endurance athletes like runners, ultra runners, cyclists, swimmers, skiers, triathletes, mountaineers; others were strength & power athletes like sprinters and powerlifters. I have also worked with climbers, tennis and table tennis players, footballers, basketballers and dancers.

The clubs that I have been involved with and cannot thank enough for giving me the opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow are LetsRun (running club), PROFIT (triathlon club) and URock Climbing (climbing team).

Can't wait to start working together towards your own goals!