Testimonials for EVA

Mia 33 year old gym enthusiast

Thank you eva for making the food plan a lifestyle rather than a strict diet! The quantity and quality of food are very generous which makes it easier for me to abide by.

MJ 34 year old gym enthusiast

 I truly thank you for everything ❤️ I now have a better relationship with food, something that I struggled with before.

Charbel 31 year old runner

The best part about working with you was the attention to details in the followups. You addressed the concerns that I had in a prompt and professional matter. The biggest problem i had was quantifying my food, and you helped me a lot with that! I am much more aware of portion sizes now than I was before. My biggest result, however, was not getting sore muscles after long runs, even the next day!

Thank you for this great experience! You've helped me create a good relationship with my food intake and helped me control and understand what I eat. All of this, and I never felt the fatigue during my workouts, especially my long runs, and managed to lose some weight which was my goal :)

Dan 30 year old runner

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Eva. Eva has a wealth of knowledge and can easily tailor your dietary requirements based on your own natural food choices. There was no tough crossover or a need for change of food choice habits and I could easily continue to focus on training without added focus on what I needed to eat.

I like the way in which Eva coaches you through the needs and timing for micronutrients throughout the training schedule and when and where to apply certain focuses.

Eva's main selling point is her accessibility. She is available almost continuously and any questions is no problem for her.

I particular enjoyed bouncing ideas off Eva and learning about the science of what is happening in the body and what we can add or eliminate in order to achieve optimal performance.

During my time working with Eva it seems that I not only learned a lot which will help me as an athlete in the future but I also think I found a friend. A friend at that who naturally cares about your journey and how it is going.

Thank you Eva I appreciated all the effort and relationship we formed whilst working together ❤

Michael 27 year old gym enthusiast

Thank you so much for the guidance in nutrition and training! Without you I could still be trying and failing by now. I'm very happy with the muscle mass I gained and how my shape has improved!

Lindzi 29 year old elite triathlete

Eva helped me a lot in my nutrition for back to back ironman 70.3 competitions. I now know what suits me best for my practice, travels, and races. I could achieve and maintain my ideal race weight thanks to you, and for this I am forever grateful.